Flowers For The Wedding Cake

I always enjoy decorating the wedding cake. It’s usually quite easy and always has that WOW factor when complete.

The hard part is making the cake and transporting it to the venue. It’s not easy transporting a  wedding cake and I’m glad it’s not my job.

Sometimes, rarely, almost never, actually only once, there was a problem.

As this cupcake tower was assenbled the baker asked, “What do you think?” I said, “I think it needs to be centered to the wall and leveled”

The funny thing is that no one noticed the problem but me. Now as I look at the pictures I think it is pretty obvious. Smile.

Planning a wedding? Give me a Call. Let’s talk flowers Liz Ash   floral designer/ owner Ambience Florals

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Artstic Floral Design

I’ve got a secrete. People often ask me how I became a florist and I don’t tell them the truth. I’m coming clean with you. I’m a florist because I did not think I could earn a living as an artist.

I have no regrets. I still think I could not earn a living as an artist and by developing my skills as a floral designer I have been able to create a wonderful niche business for myself.

When I first started Ambience Florals I was so passionate about floral design that working did not feel like a  job.

Today being the owner of Ambience Florals clearly feel like a job. It’s the most creative, carefree, design intense, job I can do that pays the bills and lets me work like an artist. I feel blessed.

Planning a wedding? Give me a call. Let’s talk flowers.   Liz Ash floral designer/owner Ambience Florals

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Bear Visits Ambience Florals

When I was a child I told my father if I ever saw a bear I would not be scared, I would say, “let’s be friends”.

Yesterday afternoon a bear dined on the woodbine berries that grow on the fence that surround Ambience Florals. I was so close as I photographed  that he did this whinny growling thing under his breath.

 He thought I wanted to eat some of the berries and he was not willing to share. What kind of friendship is that?



Today I fulfilled a childhood prophesy; I became friends with a bear. And I missed my dad.

Now go hibernate.


Planning a wedding? Give me a call. Let’s talk flowers. Liz Ash

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Your Florist Has No Credentials

I have no credentials. I have never taken a class in floral design. I have never worked in a floral shop with the exception of my own.

Once I attended a floral design show for florists. The emphasis was on how to spend less on product. The theory is to place a lot of twigs in arrangements and this will expand the height and width of the arrangement and you then charge more. Are you buying this?

I have attended a class in Ikebana.(Japanese floral design using minimal product) I loved it. Very difficult and artistically sound. Would you like me to design a Ikebana arrangement for you? I’m slightly qualified.

 Having no formal credentials has allowed me to narrow my focus and I do know a few thing well.

1. I know what I design must be artistic and flow or it won’t have a strong visual impact.

2. I know it is my job to listen, and then listen some more, and then ask questions. I find most  brides have a vision they just need some help putting it all together into one cohesive look. Your wedding flowers should look like your vision only better.

3. I know everyone has a budget and it is not my job to help you save money. It is however my job to show you ways to stretch your budget. Flowers are expensive and you need to get the biggest bang for your buck.

4. I know I work for complements. I really want you to like what I create. I worry about my work until the day you see your flowers. I’m not happy until I hear you say I Love My Bouquet. Those four words make a week’s worth of worry worth it.

This bride loved her bouquet. Great! She looks intense because the ring bearer has just taken a sharp right on his journey down the aisle and is heading directly to the reflecting pool.

Right when I’m not longer worried then it’s the your turn to worry.

Planning a wedding? Give me a call. Let’s talk flowers. Liz Ash   floral designer/owner Ambience Florals



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Sunrise Wedding at Garden of the Gods



The bride said, “Make the flowers match the rock formations of the Garden of the Gods at sunrise. You know shades of coral, peach, beige, maybe some purple and gold. I like yellow, add yellow. And the men all have this bow tie thing going on so they don’t need boutonnieres.”

The ceremony is at sunrise. “OOOOOK what time is that? “I asked. You don’t know? You know when the sun is coming up don’t you?

Insecurity floods my brain. How can I capture the rising sun? This is too hard. You scare me; I may not be able to please you.

The night before the wedding I set the alarm for 4:45am. I was still confused as to when the sun rose and I did not want to be late.

I quickly dressed, filled the super sized to-go coffee mug and loaded my vehicle.

What is wrong with the birds? Why are they chirping their little heads off? I’m annoyed. Yes, I am sleepy and annoyed.

I take a few sips of coffee, I can relax now, and I’m on schedule. I fasten the seat belt and take a closer listen to the birds before I pull out of the driveway. Maybe this isn’t so annoying? Wow, there is this congregation birds chattering about in the morning. How have I missed this all of my life? Sneaky. Charming.

When I arrived at the Garden of the God’s Club the lobby was empty, no wedding party, no front desk person, no wedding planner, no photographer, no sunrise. It’s just me arriving with flowers in the dark.

My plan is to deliver the bouquets, pin on a few corsages and split. Mission accomplished.

It is impossible to deliver when there is no one to receive so I waited, sipped coffee, and looked for the sun, listened to birds.

Then, quietly a collection of about twelve people arrived. Some of them had this bow tie thing going on.  They were all too groggy to talk or show any interest in the flowers. They just stood looking at the rocks of the Garden of the Gods and waiting for the sun. I joined in their silence. I kind of like this now. I’m in their flow. Thanks for inviting me.

The signal came from the bride, softly she said,  “OK let’s do it.”

It was not night, and it was not day, and the group of twelve walked to the ceremony site together, united, happy to be with someone who was happy to get married. There were several men carrying sleeping children all bundled up in blankets and hats. Some of them sat, some of them stood. Still no one spoke above a whisper, no reason to.

It all happened in slow motion. First it was few bunnies hopping around the grass lawn, no one talked, them the deer came over the hill and grazed, no one talked, the sky was brighter now and some large birds were circling, no one talked. I was thinking, I hope one of those birds’ swoops down and get’s a bunny, I’d wake up the children to see that.  I did not talk.

And then the sun came out without a making a peep, not even a whisper. And everything seemed to awaken in awe of its arrival. Me too.

Sunrise is not an actual time but rather its a rhapsody of subtle light changes. It’s the  inhale, not the exhale. It’s the moment god slowly takes in his first conscience breath of the day. And in that brief moment all us skeptics desperately want to believe. It could be so easy to believe. There are signs everywhere. The monumental rock formations are now in color; coral, peach, beige, purple, yellow and gold.  Just like my bride said!

It was the most beautiful wedding I ever attended. I cried. I inhaled and for the first time in my life I watched the sun rise.

I’m so happy this bride selected me as her florist.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. The flowers looked like this. Enjoy.

Planning  a wedding? Give me a call. Let’s talk flowers. Liz Ash  Floral Designer and Owner Ambience Florals


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