Decorating the Wedding Arch

I thought you might enjoy some simple yet effective ideas for decorating a wedding arch. This is an arch I decorated this spring for a wedding at Hillside Gardens. By placing the floral pieces on the sides at slightly above eye level, the flowers will show up in many of the photographs. A floral arrangement placed on the top of the arch can be beautiful, but generally it will not show up in most of the ceremony pictures.

The two large floral pieces placed on each side were later moved to the head table and became a large floral piece for the head table.

You can assign your flowers several purposes with careful planning. In this wedding, the altar flowers did triple duty, helping this bride stretch her budget while achieving the look she desired. After the ceremony, the altar flowers were moved to the guest book table and at the end of the evening, the bride used them as her toss bouquet. I think it is always a good idea to get as much visual impact out of your flowers as possible.

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