Flower Dog at a Broadmoor Hotel Wedding

What happens when a Kansas girl, her beau, and their dog visit the Colorado Springs Broadmoor Hotel in early Spring?

The answer is obvious; she will fall in love with Colorado wild flowers and know she has found the perfect wedding site for her fall wedding. That’s precisely the inspiration for the look and colors of this Broadmoor wedding held on a beautiful sunny October afternoon.

There are many flowers available that have the look and feel of Colorado wild flowers. This bride chose an intense clear blue, orange, red, yellow, and white as her color pallet. I selected Volkenfrieden delphinium, amni, asters, gerbera daisy, solidago, statice, teddy bear mums, and petite tulips to create this wild flower look.

October is a beautiful month for an afternoon wedding  in Colorado. The sun is warm and the air is crisp.

I hope you have enjoyed these pictures and they will inspire you to be sure the flowers you select truly reflect your style and tastes. Keep checking back! I love giving Colorado Springs brides a continuous flow of pictures and ideas to help plan their wedding.

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